• How long will the shoot take?
  • What happens on the day?
  • How many images do we get?
  • How soon can I receive my images?

To learn about the booking and photoshoot process, please see THE PROCESS. If you have read these and all of the FAQs and still have a question I will be happy to discuss! Please get in touch via the contact form or email me at hello@broodbylouisa.com.

What should we wear?

Anything you like! This is a personal choice. The shoots are natural and laid back by nature so things you are comfortable in make sense. I like to capture genuine real-life moments so something you would normally wear would be ideal.

If we are doing a maternity shoot, again this is your decision to make. We can do a mix of clothed and some in underwear (with or without a nightgown) if you want to celebrate the beautiful bump in all its glory!

Do you do newborn sessions?

I can document your family at any point, including newborn. I don’t do any photos with props or poses, as that isn’t my style. You and your baby are perfect as you are, and I will photograph real moments in all their beauty.

If you would like newborn photographs taken when they are tiny and sleepy, the first few weeks after birth are best. In order to book that in, it is best to contact me as early as possible when you have your due date. If you pay a deposit we can pencil something in for a week or two after that and you can let me know how you are getting on nearer the time.

I have never had a photographer take photos of me before, I’m not sure if it’s for me?

It’s totally normal to feel nervous! If you have the desire to have some photos and keepsakes then you just being you, is perfect. The shoots are very easy going and relaxed so you can feel comfortable. I want to get to know a bit about you as we work together to put you at ease.

What if my child doesn’t want to get involved?

Sometimes children can take a while to warm up, this can be for many different reasons! Please make sure they are adequately fed and watered prior to the shoot start time. I am child-led and will not force them to do anything they don’t want to do. We can invent a game or try some gentle prompts, or if they want, they can observe whilst we take some other family portraits before they have a go. Having a lolly or a treat on hand can also work!

I’m ill or my children are ill. Can we reschedule?

I preferably need 24 hours’ notice if you or your child is sick and we are to reschedule. Likewise, if my child or I am ill we will have to reschedule and I will aim to give at least 24 hours’ notice.

I like your image of ‘x’ doing ‘x’ can we get the same?

Each shoot is unique because of different subjects, environment and light conditions so I cannot guarantee any replicas. But, I can guarantee that you will get your own unique special photographs and prints (and you may be surprised by your favourites!).

I don’t want photos taken inside my house it’s a mess/we’re renting and I don’t love it/we’ve just moved in and mid renovation/etc. Can we do it somewhere else?

If you have a garden and it is spring/summer/autumn that is a great option. I have done solely outdoor shoots which have worked well, if the weather is amenable. If this is not an option or does not appeal, an exterior location such as a local park could work well.

If an interior shoot is preferred or required, another special location is also fine as long as you make all the necessary arrangements and we discuss beforehand!

Do you only shoot in black and white?

I shoot a lot of black & white film in both 35mm and medium format film. I also offer one roll of colour film per Classic shoot or Deluxe package purchased. I will also shoot some digital photos which can be delivered in colour. This is something we can discuss in our pre-shoot consultation chat. Have a read through the PACKAGE & PRICING page for a breakdown of what I offer and please get in touch to book in a free consultation chat.

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